Ever wanted to know how Melbourne’s rentals stack up compared to 450 other countries around the world?

Reddit user Kylekun513 created an amazing chart which organizes countries around the world into a visually impressive format based on their relativeness to each other.

Kylekun513 extrapolated from Numbeo to create a chart of the average cost to rent a dwelling in 540 cities worldwide (rounded to $50 increments) and color-coded by geographic region.

In the post (reddit link here), Kylekun513 explains the parameters used;

I used Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index Rate (pulled on June 16, 2018) to obtain the rent index for the cities featured in this chart. I used my home town of Cincinnati’s average monthly rent (about $950) as the reference number to calculate every other city’s average monthly rent, based on each city’s respective rent index.  Next, I rounded each rental value to the nearest $50 interval. You can check my work here… I tried to choose cities that somewhat contrasted with each other, were in totally different geographies, or in cases where it was sort of unexpected (to me) that the cities had similar rental costs based on the data.


The tables do not take into account dwelling size or income etc, however, Kylekun513 has stated they will look at including this sort of data in future tables.  And while around the Melbourne Metropolitan area, houses can range between $300/week to $5,000/week, it gives a great visual representation of where we sit in the world.

TL;DR version.  It costs more to rent in Melbourne ($1,350) than Adelaide ($1,000) or say in Valencia Spain ($650), but not as much as Sydney ($2,100) or San Francisco ($3,500).  

Jonathon Bird